5 Essential Reasons to Hire A Real Estate Photographer

It takes us only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about someone, and just like humans, websites aren’t any different. In the digital world, people make instant judgments and make serious decisions based on a first impression.

More often than not, Professional Real Estate Photography makes all the difference in the world. We all know that listings with professional photos sell for more money and quicker as well.

It takes a golden eye

The first impression matters more than we think. For the past years, listing photos became a critical factor that determines the selling price of a home, how quickly it sells, and whether it sells at all. It’s safe to say that the single most important factor in selling a home nowadays is great photography.

Professional real estate photographers know exactly what it takes to present the property in the best possible light – they highlight the best features of a house and deliver photos that guarantee a lasting first impression.

Professional photography can also significantly improve your business and help you find new customers. Keep reading to discover even more amazing benefits of professional real estate photography.

1)The Ideal Amount of Still Photos

Hundreds of photos aren’t necessary to sell a home; what is crucial is capturing the ideal ones. Skilled Real Estate Photographers know that all they need is around 10-15 interiors and 10 exteriors — anything more would be useless. When you hire Golden Eye R.E.P. you will get a minimum of 25 photos but you'll almost always get more. Our job is to make it difficult for you to choose the best ones that, not only represent the listing, but also match your unique selling style.

2)A Compelling Listing