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do you want to build a winning 2020 social media campaign together?


Here’s the rules: I ask you a question and you tell me what makes sense. Got it?

Okay lets begin.


If it was your dream to build a house, which makes sense…

Scenario 1:

  1. Go to college for 6 years min.

  2. Spend 3 of those years taking classes like Art History, Advanced Algebra, Shakespeare

  3. Acquire $100,000 of debt

  4. Complete an internship before getting certified and licensed 

Scenario 2:

  1. Find someone who actually builds houses

  2. Let them know what you want to build

  3. Proceed their success and avoid amateur hour in the, all important, foundation 

🎵Insert Jeopardy music here🎵
5….4.…3…..2………….1…… TIMES UP!


If you didn’t choose Scenario 2, please scroll down and click the "unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of this page.


For those still here, let me ask you a follow up question.


If you can’t go to college to learn how to build and register as an architect, THEN WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GO!??!?


BOOM, there’s your light bulb moment and here lies the opportunity and the point of this message.

Building a great campaign is a lot like building a home, the reason you don't need a license to become an ad builder is because your budget is the only thing that dies when it falls apart. Just like a solid building, good ads are built by people who know how to lay solid foundation.

So, do you want to create the solution together? If so, here’s what I need from you…

  1. You have to be an expert with your numbers! You need to have years of data, content, accolades, previous customers, testimonials, and anything else that would be deemed as “LEGIT”

  2. What you sell needs to HELP PEOPLE

  3. You need to care about your clients more than you care about money


So basically if you’re not full of 💩 , I want to create a campaign with you... BUT why would you want to create a campaign with me?

In summary, it comes down to the “S-M-T-T-I” aka the Big 5.

1. Structure: I'll help you decide what delivery style and format is best for you #clarity. "1-on-1" vs. "1 to many" "Newsletter vs. Video vs. Audio Drops"  "membership site vs live" (you get the point)


2.  Money: We don't do it only for the money but DAMNNNNN do we like money. And real estate is mighty profitable for example:

  • Here's a client who invested in web content strategy and has had 40 sales in the past 12 months with 10 current active listings.


I'm not showing you this to brag, but to demonstrate that people would rather pay an expert than an overpriced & outdated school.

3. Time: The best part about the content  above, is that between both myself editing and my client filming, it only took about 5-10 hours a week for the whole strategy. Which lasts forever, gives me plenty of time to have date nights and follow up with new clients like you.

4. Tech: The #1 reason we see experts not take action is because of technology overwhelm... so how about we just do it for you. Sound good? I have a team and we build new strategies every week.











5. Impact: It's not about how much money you make, it's about how you make your money. Our strategies have helped realtors from all over the map and the testimonials make it all worth it. #contribution









The pain I’ll help you avoid:

  1. Learnig curve Pain: (noun) The result of technology moving faster than your brain

  2. "WTF do I do now" Pain: (noun) The result of having no idea what you’re doing or how to do it

  3. “I have a Strategy but no one's seeing it" Pain: (noun)  The result of believing “if you build it they will come”


An overview of your campaign launch:
1. Discovery of your unique differences

2. Awesome amazing content curation 

3. Reports and win/loss data

4. More awesome amazing content curation


5. Design Perfection - Alignment, Balance, Contrast, Proximity and Repetition 

So, if you'd like to work together simply reply back to this email with your phone number and lets chat.

A note in advance: This does cost $1,500 plus you'll need to purchase some additional software (pretty inexpensive but necessary).

Also note, I'll only be working with 5-7 people due to the fact this is a LOTTTT OF work and I wanna make sure we over deliver.

I'm sending this out to a large list of real estate pros looking to win on social


  I'm guessing we'll sell these out pretty quick.

If you're serious about changing the world with your expertise, REPLY BACK WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER and we'll talk soon!
P.S.  The hypothetical house build I mentioned in the beginning isn't hypothetical. I recently partnered with GNN reality, a broker supporting builders in Modesto, and we're in the process of executing now. #excited

Talk soon,
Chris Balderston - The Guy Who Really Cares About Your Success

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