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"We only want to work with businesses we can help, if your money spent with us isn't multiplying back to you, we don't want it."

We create commercial grade content produced with one goal.

1) Create media strategies that work.


Writing, designing, directing, editing, and producing are all packaged together as Media output. Every piece working together, seamlessly along side each other, on every relevant platform is what we call the Strategy.

Like a wide-angle lens, we focus on big-picture objectives. Then, every step is executed with strategic precision to bring our clients closer to their customers.

Words matter, and writing about yourself is hard. The most hypnotic part that moves your reader's mind is the copy (writing). There are massive benefits behind a third party ghost writer, mainly due to removal of the emotions attached to your personal business, and watching Golden Eye write with the reader as a priority.

Design is what your prospects see when they look at careful, attentive, diligence as opposed to laziness. The principals are as follows: Alignment, Balance, Contrast, Proximity, and Repetition. (Write those down.)


How can directing, editing, and producing all be phases that Golden Eye is constantly working to improve? We love finding new ways to bring our clients message to the market and the market is changing faster than ever before. The human element now means giving the internet a reason, walk-throughs are now click-throughs, and our attention spans are shrinking.


Our mission is to provide creative content that, not only stands out for our clients, but also blows the competition out of the water.

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Building a strong relationship with your audience by pairing your educational personality with Golden Eye's innate ability to produce visuals around principles that make your clients feel respected and eager to do business with you.

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