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This may be the MOST IMPORTANT PAGE within this entire website.
It's called the dream balance and you better hang on to your hat because this new creative is awesome. 

Once upon a time I dreamed I went on a quest into a dark jungle to film the principles of success by thinking and growing rich in an abundance of natural resources.
When I returned from my travels, glad to get to my tent, tired but excited by what I had dug up, adventure enthusiast/role model Mary Ford was waiting for me.

I was surprised to see her, but I just figured our paths were in alignment.

After all, Fellow market research consultant Justin Kryszan loved my resumé and Vice President of our travel company George Levesque accepted my plans when we all hung out together in Madrid, Spain and Rome, Italy.

So having Mary Ford in my tent wasn’t too surprising.
So I said Hey.
She knew I was an adventure seeker myself. She seemed familiar but extremely fascinated, her hypnotic eyes locked on mine as I told her my story.

I told her that weeks earlier I stumbled across a rare formula that could be used in digital form to help people attract their dreams.

Despite her success in the achievements of her dreams, she was smart enough to know this could help more people than ever.
She wanted to know more.

I reached for my gear bag and pulled out my old notebook where the blueprints were all drawn out.
She sensed this was something substantial.

"This will help people activate their dreams and access higher status?"
she asked.
"I'm sure of it" I said "Look at me, doesn’t my life look pretty dreamy?"
She stared at me as if I were a flying boat, but she nodded.
"You are dreamy!" she said.

Nothing like having a sexy adventure seeker compliment you.
She added, "You wont even need to put years into creating the demo to get people to buy this stuff like you did with

"I'm not so sure," I told her. "People will like to see a demonstration before they are motivated to take action. Creating a basic structure of what they can expect upfront will stimulate the pipeline.

Imagine Neo from the matrix helping you with your next digital campaign.
Seeing the maze of life from the creator's perspective. We in advertising call it The Psychology of Upper Demographics. 

I explained to her that even though my latest venture Golden Eye Real Estate Photography is proven to make life easier for realtors, they won't buy it right now unless they had a portfolio of my work to look over.

That’s why I'm offering more than incredible, immersive digital experiences when people go look at

And it's that very experience that caused my business to thrive and continue to for over five years, still going.
Mary seemed impressed.
She moved closer to me.

I held my breath, not sure what she wanted.
"Chris, can I ask you a question? she seductively whispered.
".... Yes," I replied, remembering to breathe.
I wasn't sure what she was going ask.

Finally, she spoke: "Can I be your first test subject?"
Hmmm. Mary Ford wants to live out her dreams with me documenting details for the purpose of helping others.
What should I say?

Thats about when I woke up.
If I were a student of dreams and better understood interpretation, I might know what my mind was really trying to tell me.

Do you have any idea?


P.S. Despite what you might think about systematic methods matched with over compensating creative coming together and other proven tactics found in the above was a dream I really had. I'm not making it up. Really. 

P.P.S. I wonder if Mary Ford had the same dream, in late 2019 and early 2020 our paths did align and some of our dreams had been fulfilled.


Commercial grade

story telling

Southern Exposure on 

The Miracle Mile of Stockton, Ca

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